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A New Casinos Magazine

SportsCrew a subsidiary of R&S Report Company is about to embark on their most ambitious venture to date. A top tier lifestyle magazine titled High Roller that deals among others with casino gambling. The magazine will debut on June 15, 2005 on a bi-monthly basis with an initial rate base of 200,000 and it will be distributed in newsstands Hudson and Curtis.

“As leaders in the gambling industry and casino marketplace, we feel we are uniquely positioned to address the growing needs of players looking for a guide on the glamorous life of Las Vegas and online gambling” said Ryan Jacobs, Chief Operational Officer of R&S Report Company. “We have the firm conviction that our strong editorial expertise and in-depth understanding of the online and land-based gaming lifestyle will enable us to create a magazine that speaks to the priorities of the real player, who seeks for the absolutely most glamorous lifestyle of a high roller” he added.

The Only Sure Bet When It Comes to Glamorous Gambling and Casino Lifestyle: High Rollers Don’t Gamble on Getting the Good Life. As the definitive authority in this niche of the market, High Roller Magazine epitomizes the essence, the style, the glamour and the excitement of THE High Roller Lifestyle. Our editorial content reflects the interests of a high roller offering entertaining and informative perspectives of the areas of casino tips, poker, travel, entertainment, food/dining and toys, said Seth Bush, Creative Director for High Roller Magazine; he went on saying a combination of style and substance, High Roller Lifestyle magazine is for a new generation of players

Right now there’s no single lifestyle magazine that provides a reliable guide to the finest of everything on the online and land-based gaming industry, expensive toys and the glamorous ways of a life of luxury. High Roller Magazine comes to fill the void and become the ultimate authority on that section of the market.

This represents a ground-breaking approach to the development of a new publication on this unique lifestyle said Jacobs, High Roller Magazine is a rising icon in the gaming industry. No other magazine can be compared to this publication. Were raising the bar to the highest levels of sophistication.…

A Makeover Online Casinos Style

One of the original and pioneering online casinos on the Internet, Fortune Lounge Group’s 7 Sultans, has received an extreme makeover online casinos style. Now more player services are offered at the online gambling site, making it more attractive to the gambling public. 7 Sultans even used their own members’ input and feedback in their project to design it especially for their customers’ needs.

‘Securing players is the art of our game and the upgrade of the 7 Sultans site allows us to give players what they want, and so doing, we’re making the player experience more memorable. That way players will want to come back for more,’ says the director of 7 Sultans marketing, John Hughes. From new graphics designs, upgrades in the online casinos website’s software, and added player-friendly navigation for the site, 7 Sultans has gone for a completely new look, greatly succeeding in its endeavor. Online casinos fans are surely going to love the new features to this Internet gaming site.

The biggest feature, which is predicted to draw and keep new players and members at 7 Sultans, is the personal assistant feature option. This feature will make its way into the other online casinos of Fortune Lounge. In addition, the Personal Messenger option allows players to directly connect to the Fortune Lounge Player’s Club to review their points balance and redeem loyalty bonuses without having to open their installed online casinos software. It seems that the effort and makeover 7 Sultans has undergone will show its members that it plans to continue its leadership role in the world of online casinos.…

Fast and effective online slots

They are fast, they are effective and they are online slots! One of the things that attracts players who enjoy slots is the fact that in a few seconds they learn to play and that there is such a great variety available in online casinos.

Slot games have some of the best progressive jackpots available; This does not only apply to physical casinos, but to online casinos as well. They allow the player to have access to some very good plays, and reward the most risky ones who take advantage of playing in the slots.

We are all part of the same community, of the gambling type, otherwise, you would not be reading this and I would not be writing to you. It is a warm and friendly community where slot games are enjoyed all, not just older women who hide behind a slot machine with their sunglasses.

The media have been the cause in part of provoking the idea that only grandmothers or older women play in the slots. But that’s wrong, we all like slots!

The slot games are exciting, they have different themes and ways to attract all types of players. The reels spin and the energy generated the adrenaline when you think that the figures are going to line up and you earn a lot of money!…

Play baccarat with progressive prizes at online casinos

Playing baccarat in an online casino is very fun. The online casinos simulate in many ways the games of the physical casinos. The available graphics have been developed with such high standards that it is easy to get involved in games and have a super entertaining experience.

I do not know about you, but I have resisted approaching a baccarat table in a physical casino, especially when I do not know the rules of the game well. But playing online is something simpler; Nobody is looking at you and you have the total freedom to learn everything you can about the game without any embarrassment.

Another benefit of playing baccarat in an online casino is that the game is often linked to a progressive jackpot. This never happens in a physical casino. Basically this means that a number of different games that include baccarat are linked to a progressive prize. This prize grows according to the amount of bets placed and grows and grows … until finally someone breaks the code and earns a huge sum of money.

If the winner takes everything then you can be pretty sure he will not have to work for a long time, but this is not the only prize available in a progressive jackpot. Online casinos link many games, including roulette, baccarat, blackjack and many more.…

PARR applies control over the dice to play Craps

Craps players have always been subject to the control of the dice for many years. Since the 1920s and although it is not related to online casinos, it is actually a very interesting topic and has some consideration if you want to play dice somewhere.

If you like to play dice online, then the chances are that you end up playing this game in a physical casino someday. Many online casino players play to learn the games and thus be able to play them at the physical casinos and poker is a good example of this.

In 1996 Jerry Patterson and Chris Pawlicki discovered a feasible method of dice control. This is known as PARR or the Patterson Rhythm Roll. Chris Pawlicki is known as the “Sharpshooter” and as an engineer in the automotive industry; he applied this knowledge to the development of the “launch”. In this way he and Jerry Patterson developed a form of dice control which can produce predictable results. You can find more information about the online PARR method.

Basically the game of dice has been translated quite well in an online casino game, where the main difference is in the throwing of the die and have an online generator of random numbers. Then obviously it would be difficult to create a predictable result. However, this keeps the game always fair and offers all players the same chance to win or lose.

The game of dice is available in almost all online casinos and to take a look at the game you can visit, or Casino bellini.…