PARR applies control over the dice to play Craps

Craps players have always been subject to the control of the dice for many years. Since the 1920s and although it is not related to online casinos, it is actually a very interesting topic and has some consideration if you want to play dice somewhere.

If you like to play dice online, then the chances are that you end up playing this game in a physical casino someday. Many online casino players play to learn the games and thus be able to play them at the physical casinos and poker is a good example of this.

In 1996 Jerry Patterson and Chris Pawlicki discovered a feasible method of dice control. This is known as PARR or the Patterson Rhythm Roll. Chris Pawlicki is known as the “Sharpshooter” and as an engineer in the automotive industry; he applied this knowledge to the development of the “launch”. In this way he and Jerry Patterson developed a form of dice control which can produce predictable results. You can find more information about the online PARR method.

Basically the game of dice has been translated quite well in an online casino game, where the main difference is in the throwing of the die and have an online generator of random numbers. Then obviously it would be difficult to create a predictable result. However, this keeps the game always fair and offers all players the same chance to win or lose.

The game of dice is available in almost all online casinos and to take a look at the game you can visit, or Casino bellini.

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